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Yahrzeit Plaques

Remembering Those Who Came Before

Looking back upon the first 25 years of TCS, we have “matured” as a congregation in the sense that we have experienced a significant number of lifecycle events, from birth until death. Our babies born have gone off to college and are now getting married. We have filled our members’ living rooms for shiva minyanim throughout the years. The bima has played witness to hundreds upon hundreds of B’nei Mitzvah.

Most synagogues have a place in their building to memorialize loved ones. The concept of zachor, to remember, is an important one throughout our tradition. Four times a year we recite Yizkor: on Yom Kippur and at the conclusion of our Three Pilgrimage Festivals, Sukkot, Pesah, and Shavuot. We remember through the observance of a Yahrzeit, the yearly anniversary of one’s death. At TCS, we have Yahrzeit plaques in our rotunda, and during the month of one’s Yahrzeit, the plaque is displayed in the sanctuary as well. Entering my sixth year with the congregation, I am amazed at the number of names that I now recognize on the Yahrzeit plaques, and equally surprised by the number of names for whom there are no plaques.

– Rabbi Jeremy Wiederhorn

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Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784