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High Holidays

High Holiday Appeal

Our High Holiday Appeal fuels TCS all year long.  Thank you for your partnership and generosity in sustaining our synagogue.  Make your pledge via e-mail HERE.

These are unprecedented times as we approach the High Holidays. I am so proud of our Clergy, Staff and lay leadership for all the hard work that is going into making these holidays meaningful despite the challenges. They have created a truly amazing breadth of offerings for the holidays.

Some things must remain the same. As we do every year, we are reaching out to our community for support of our High Holiday appeal. As you may know, the funds we raise during this appeal represent a significant source of operating revenue for TCS. Everything that we do, for both our congregants and the community, is dependent upon this initiative. The generosity of our members in participating in the appeal is crucial as revenue from dues alone is not sufficient to operate the synagogue. 

The TCS community has always been very generous during the High Holidays. Typically, we receive contributions from about 60% of our members. This is not a typical year. We know that many of our members are struggling with the continued effects of the pandemic. This makes it even more important for those who can, to give generously.  

Once again, I expect that 100% of the members of our Board of Directors will contribute to our High Holiday appeal. This incredible group of dedicated volunteers are marvelous role models for everyone in our congregation and I thank them sincerely. 

With that in mind, I ask you to participate this year. The enclosed pledge card reminds you of your previous contribution, and we encourage you to give a bit more this year if you can. You can select another category or increase your pledge by ten, twenty, or an even higher percentage. 

These contributions – from you, our TCS family and friends – ensure that even in these unprecedented times, we will be able to provide for the needs of our community. Every gift, regardless of its size, is critically important, very much appreciated, and contributes to our strength and the important things we do every day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. 

I wish you and your family a sweet and healthy New Year.  

Very truly yours,

Eric Baron 


High Holidays