Today is July 29, 2021 -

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When I think of TCS, I think about family, community, education, spiritual connection, leadership, and partnership. I am proud of what TCS stands for whether we are inside the building or outside on the lawn, at the beach or streaming live. TCS is an essential part of my family.

Keeping this family together requires resources. It takes $2.6million every year to maintain our physical assets and provide all of our services with quality and a level of excellence from religious services to preschool to Kehillah to adult education to social action, while compensating our clergy and staff who make it all happen.

That said, we know that this year will be more difficult. As a result of the pandemic, many members of our community are struggling. As a synagogue family, we will be there for those who need us—spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

Our strength, in part, comes from the financial support from our community, derived about equally from our schools, from fundraising and from membership.  This year, more than ever, we are asking for your support by maintaining your TCS membership. 

As a gentle plea, we are asking all who can to reach a little deeper – to Young Families and Seniors – consider supporting at the General Membership level; to General Members – consider Nedivim; to Shalom members – maybe a generous donation; and to any family, whatever the level, please make TCS one of your top priorities.  

We are so appreciative of your support for our TCS family. Thank you for helping us remain strong and vibrant, especially during these challenging times when we need our family the most.

Thanks and be well,

Jeff Cohen, Treasurer