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USY High — TCS’ 8-12 Grade Program

We are excited to share with you our newly designed post-B’nei Mitzvah program!


Take a look at our curriculum, FAQ, and Calendar!

Each year we grow in these module subjects:

Tikun Olam, Israel, Life After High School, and a Trip

Each module builds to the trip and each topic builds from year to year.

Below you find a look at the curriculum for each grade. The first line is a general theme for the year and what that means. Then you find the framework for each module topic.

Membership to USY is included, Trip fees are separate from the registration fee

Please note that any class, trip and course is subject to change.

8th Grade- Authenticity- Looking at what we’ve learned and applying it to real life.

Tikun Olam– Learn about fair play and treatment of animals

Israel– Explore Israeli media and art

Life After HS– fFcus on the practicality of Kashrut

Trip– Israeli Food tour in NYC and ‘The Band’s Visit’ on Broadway

9th Grade- Activism- examining the Jews role in Civil rights, how we can think innovatively and out of the box

Tikun Olam– Learn about Jewish Activism through the Civil Rights era and Abraham Joshua Heschel

Israel– Analyze Israeli innovation and the tech boom

Life After HS– Dive into learning about activism today and how we can take part

Trip– Atlanta, GA Civil Rights Tour

10th Grade- Differences- Exploring the intersections of people and differences of opinions and values

Tikun Olam– Learn to value differing opinions and lifestyles, specifically other religions and cultures

Israel– Research the intersectionality of the Israeli people through narrative

Life After HS– Experience different people you might meet and learn to appreciate differences in culture

Trip– Visit religious buildings that are different from ours (Mosque, Church, etc.)

11th Grade- Sustainability- Keeping things healthy in our lives and all around us

Tikun Olam– Learn how we repair the world in a literally sense through the Jewish Farm lens

Israel– Dive into the issues that divide us on Israel, and advocate for the country

Life After HS– Examine Jewish life on campus in preparation for college

Trip– Washington, D.C. college tours and AIPAC Policy Conference

12th Grade- Reflection & Appreciation- Taking a step back to build a better future for ourselves and community

Tikun Olam– Allocate money to organizations worldwide while learning about managing a charity fund and foundations

Israel– Intensively learn about the importance and relationship of Israel and American Jewry

Life After HS– Reflect on the Holocaust and create a personal connection to the tragic time

Trip– March of the Living or TCS Poland Trip, visit to Afula (see Eyal’s school)


Where does my registration money go?

The cost for the program is highly underwritten by a generous sponsor, but your $180 includes dinner for every session, USY dues and all USY High Sessions. Any costs related to trips and USY events are a separate cost.

What are the trips?

Each grade has a unique trip relating to their year in USY High. Each topic and session build to the trip, kind of like a capstone of the year. Some trips are local, some trips are out of state by bus or plane, some are even out of the country! Learning by experience is such a valuable tool.

What food are we having?

We are amping it up from chicken fingers and fries- some nights might be Chinese, some Mexican or Italian. A great thing about USY High is that this can be tailored to your likes. Let us know what type of food you like, and we can try to make it happen!

What are the classes like?

Classes or sessions will be very informal, mainly discussion based. It also depends on the grade. If 8th grade is focusing on Israel media, they may watch a short documentary made by an Israeli filmmaker or examine pictures of graffiti on the streets of Tel Aviv. But every session will begin with dinner!

Each grade goes through the topics of Tikun Olam, Life After High School, Israel, and the Trip.

Each grade has a theme: 8th grade is Israeli Modern Culture, 9th grade is Activism and Social Justice, 10th grade is Interfaith exploration, 11th grade is College Prep, and 12th grade is Legacy and Reflection.

What happens if I miss a session?

No worries if you miss a session! While we hope you can make every session, we know life is busy. Our structure is set that you can miss a session and not be behind. You will get more out of it the more you put in.

Why should I do USY High?

USY High is a totally new education program that fun, exciting and what you want to learn.  It’s tailored to 8th through 12th grade. While it is a natural next step from Kehillah, USY High is a much more informal setting where our students can learn is the environment that they want. Students will also learn from real life hands on experiences by participating on their trip.

What’s the difference between USY and USY High?

USY is TCS’s high school youth group, which will continue offering fun Social and Community-Service programming for our teens. USY High will offer additional engaging and Educational opportunities for the same age group. While USY offers monthly events, USY High will meet more regularly – twice a month – and each grade will have a designated USY High trip each year. Both are informal and fun ways for teens to connect, meet friends and be Jewish.

USY High Calendar

October 8 and 22

November 13 and 27

December 4 and 18

January 8 and 22

February 5 and 26

March 2 and 23

May 7

Dates of trip TBD

To register, please visit the TCS homepage and select ‘member login’ on the bottom of the page. You will be directed to your ChaverWeb account. For additional information about USY High, please contact