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Tikkun Olam

One of the key components to Jewish living is fixing, repairing, and improving our communities and the world. Each Kehillah grade is given a specific Tzedakah concept and organization which they study and partner with to repair our world.



Supports ‘Books2connect’ ( ), an organization that places donated books with children in our neighboring community of Norwalk.


First Grade:

‘Stuffed with Love’ (www. is a local TCS family run charity that brings people together to create stuffed animals for sick and underprivilaged children. Our animals are donated to a Emunah; ‘Sarah Hertzog Center’ in Afula, Israel (


Second Grade: 

Baal Tzar Chayim – “Respecting Animals”: Students learn about treating animals with dignity and respect through a hands-on opportunity to learn about the dogs at ‘Little Black Dog Rescue’ (, a Fairfield County dog shelter and rescue.


Third Grade:

Pekuach Nefesh – “Saving a Life”: Students are visited by representatives of AFMDA -Magen David Adom- (, an EMS service in Israel, and Westport EMS (


Fourth Grade:

Maalei Revim –“Feeding the Hungry”: Students are introduced to ‘Homes with Hope’ and the Gillespie Center ( ), and have an opportunity to cook a meal at TCS, and then serve it at Gillespie with their families.


Fifth Grade:

V’hadarta Pnei Zaken – “Taking care of the elderly”- Our students explore the worlds of personal story telling, interviewing, and genealogy. This experience is brought to life through visits to the Jewish Home at Jewish Senior Services in Bridgeport (


Sixth Grade:

Baal Taschit –“Taking Care of the Environment”: Students are introduced to this concept and learn do research, then advocate for environmental issues, both locally and internationally. Some of the organizations that we have supported are Jewish National Fund ( and Green Village Initiative (