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Judaic Learning

Jewish learning is a fundamental piece of Jewish living. At Kehillah, we strive to bring Jewish meaning and knowledge to our students and families through a variety of educational experiences.

Each Kehillah grade curriculum is carefully planned to introduce new Jewish themes and concepts, so that our students are engaged and challenged in their studies.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Our Kindergarten through 2nd Grade curriculum focuses on 4 core Judaic units:

  • Holidays
  • Bible
  • Israel
  • Tikkun Olam

In each grade, students are exposed to new concepts in each of these units so that by the end of 2nd Grade, our students have a strong foundation for Jewish living.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (1)

Students experience Project-Based-Learning as each grade is introduced to a topic and project that becomes one of their focal points for their year of learning. Our core Judaic units of Holidays, Bible, Israel and Tikkun Olam begin to take on a new look and feel as our students enter 3rd grade.

Our curriculum is focused on bringing Judaism alive by connecting our students through meaningful experiential activities and projects

0013rd Grade – A Trip to Israel: From the Bible to Modern Day Living

This curriculum is highlighted by a trip to the Jewish Museum for a journey back-in-time through a hands-on Archaeology experience.   

IMG_19394th Grade  Midrash Madness: Making Personal Judaic Connections Through the Visual Arts

Our 4th graders are connected to the Holidays and Bible stories through their own experiences and interpretations. As our students learn about the Holidays and Bible stories and their key themes, they are given the opportunity to express these themes in a variety of different art mediums.

IMG_13715th Grade 
Living Museum Project

Through this project, our 5th grade students explore their own personal and family Jewish heritage. This project serves as a bridge, bringing to life our students’ learning and family life experiences. This curriculum is brought to life through two family excursions: The first is the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Ellis Island, and the second is a walking tour of the Lower East Side of NYC. These two excursions guide our students as they begin to collect and catalog their Jewish artifacts for our own museum exhibit.

1096th Grade – Jewish Heroes Wax Museum

As our 6th graders begin to transition to their B’nei Mitzvah learning, they begin focusing on what characteristics they need to be a Mensch. Students are introduced to a variety of Jewish leaders from Moses to King David, Golda Meir to Ilan Ramon, Elie Wiesel to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Each 6th grader will pick and research his/her own Jewish hero, which will then be presented at our Wax Museum.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (2)

The 7th grade curriculum is divided into two sections: On Sunday mornings our students are exposed to Jewish values and community through the “Jewish Lens” project (, and on Tuesday evenings our students journey through Jewish life in Europe and the Shoah with the help ofFacing History and Ourselves” ( Through both of these experiences, our students are faced with the challenge of what it means to be part of, and how we strengthen, our Jewish community.