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Hebrew Learning


At TCS, we feel that Hebrew is a living language that bonds us to the Jewish people throughout the world. Therefore, our Hebrew curriculum is taught through a combination of both Modern Hebrew and Hebrew Prayer.

Our Hebrew program focuses on developing strong decoding skills, with the ability for our students to become active participants in any prayer environment.

This curriculum uses individualized learning environments. In order for us to attain our goals, we created small, intimate Hebrew sessions. In grades 3 through 6, we try to keep our classes to 8 students who have similar Hebrew learning skills. These small learning environments set the foundation for dynamic Hebrew learning. Throughout the two hours of Hebrew instruction, our students are exposed to a variety of educational activities which introduce and reinforce Hebrew language.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

In these early years, our students are engaged in Hebrew language through oral (verbal) activities. Students are introduced to the Alef-Bet in Kindergarten and transition to letter vowel combinations by 2nd grade.

Modern Hebrew is reinforced using Hebrew through Movement ( Through activities and games, our children are exposed to language in fun and engaging ways.

Our students are also exposed to Prayer Hebrew each Sunday morning with their class in Tefillah sessions. These sessions are part of our larger Tefillah curriculum that begins in Kindergarten and continues through 7th grade.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (1)

In these years, our Hebrew program shifts into a focus on decoding skills, Modern Hebrew vocabulary, and Tefillah (Prayer Hebrew). These three elements are reinforced in a variety of ways during our weekday Hebrew sessions with our faculty, Israeli Emissary, and in our community Tefillah with our clergy.

Beginning in 3rd grade, our students are challenged with mastering their Hebrew letters and vowels, and end the year with short word recognition.

4th through 6th Grade: Student Driven Tefillah Experience (SDTE)

In 4th through 6th grade, we introduce our Student Driven Tefillah Experience (SDTE). Each year, our students are introduced to a new set of Friday night and Shabbat morning prayers. In this system, students must be able to both read and chant a prayer before they can move on to the next prayer. In order to ensure that our students are accomplishing these goals, each prayer is verified by a parent, teacher, clergy, and by the Director of Education. With this system, our goal is to have our students know all these prayers before they begin their Bar/Bat Mitzvah process.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (2)

7th Grade Hebrew focuses on continuity and strengthening of abilities. As 7th graders transition into their Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring, our Hebrew program gives them an additional opportunity to continue enhancing their decoding and reading skills through new prayer experiences.