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Join Sisterhood

Join Sisterhood

When you join TCS Sisterhood you will surround yourself not only with exciting and vibrant women, but also with new and old friends. These friends can make a difference in your life, and together we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Did you know our Sisterhood is responsible for the apples and honey the congregation receives on Rosh Hashanah? We provide the delicious community Break Fast on Yom Kippur where everyone feels like family. Our Mitzvah committee reaches out to our congregants in their times of need with meals and more. We remind our college kids how much we miss them with holiday packages from College Connection.

Did you know we welcome every new baby with love and gifts from Shalom baby? Hanukkah shopping is made fun and easy at our Hanukkah Boutique. And that’s not all! We make sure that there is time for socializing with Ladies Night Out and other special programs.

Join us today and enjoy the many social and spiritual rewards Sisterhood has to offer.

To join, please contact Diana Sussman at or Wendy Schaefer at

Join Sisterhood