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Below, please find useful resources and links to Jewish sites.

  • Virtual Jerusalem – An inexhaustible site for all. Check out the live action cam of the Western Wall or send a prayer to the Kotel. There is even a page of interesting facts about Jewish entertainers called Kocahvim (stars).
  • Jewish Post of New York – A reliable source for information about Jewish Life, Jewish News and Jewish Culture.
  • Andrew Tannenbaum’s Judaism and Jewish Resources – A long list of very diverse Judaic sites on the Web. Have fun browsing it!
  • Maven – A search engine for almost 5,000 Judaic sites on the Net. Try it, it’s cool!
  • United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism – Our parent organization. This site has information about and links to Conservative Synagogues all over the world, as well as an abundance of practical and scholarly information.
  • Judaism 101 – An online encyclopedia of Judaism. It offers a wide variety of basic general information.
  • Jewish Family and Life – An excellent new parenting site for Jewish families. It provides features such as the weekly parsha, recipes, and a joke of the week, in addition to tips on the integration of Judaism into family life. We suspect this site will evolve into a great resource!
  • Hebcal – An interactive site with a Jewish calendar that allows you to find out when holidays fall in years to come. You can also use a date from the Gregorian calendar to find a particular Yahrzeit date.

Additional Conservatism Sites: