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From the Rabbi’s Study

At this year’s Gala, I spoke about the “C” in TCS. Who are we and what do we stand for? If the “T” stands for “The” and the “S” stands for “Synagogue,” which “C’s” best describe our synagogue?

We are the COMMUNITY synagogue. At TCS, we are proud to have a wide tent. Whether you come from a traditional background, secular background, or were not raised Jewish, we have a special place for you.

We are the COLLABORATIVE synagogue. Throughout the year, we work together with other synagogues, institutions, and community partners, to provide the highest quality programming we can. We believe we are better when we work together with others.

We are the COMPASSIONATE synagogue. We care about those in need or going through a difficult time. Through mitzvah meals, showing up for shiva, or just “being there” to support, this is a centerpiece of who we are.

We are the COMPELLING synagogue. With numerous worthwhile ways to spend one’s time, we strive to provide relevant and compelling opportunities to participate in TCS life.

We are the CONTEMPORARY synagogue. We believe in the motto “tradition and change.” Respectful of history and customs, TCS is committed to staying on the cutting-edge of what 21st century synagogues can be.

We are the COMFORTABLE synagogue. Our goal is to be a place that you can call home. From our pre-school children to our centenarians, TCS is a safe place where you can be yourself and feel loved by all.

We are the CAPTIVATING synagogue. Through charismatic adult

education speakers, uplifting concerts, and multi-generational festivities, TCS tries to obtain and keep your attention at all times.

We are the CHARITABLE synagogue. TCS is proud to give of our time and our resources throughout the year—at Share the Pie, Mitzvah Day, cooking for Gillespie, or simply responding to needs in our community or throughout the world.

We are the COURAGEOUS synagogue. Sometimes in order to succeed, we have to be willing to take risks. To make our community stronger, TCS has shown throughout our history that we are not afraid to step outside of our comfort zone to do what is right and necessary.

We are the CELEBRATORY synagogue. Not only are we there for each other during challenging times, we show up to party as well! We are blessed to be a community with so much to celebrate, and we never miss the opportunity to do so!

What do YOU love most about TCS? What other “C’s” do you see? Most importantly, thank you for keeping the C strong in TCS.

B’shalom Rav,

Rabbi Jeremy Wiederhorn