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A Prayer for Living with Illness*

*Adapted from Talking to God by Rabbi Naomi Levy

God, I wish I could pray and You would magically free me from illness. I wish I were not handed this fate.

But the only life I have is the one You have given me.

Help me, God, to realize all the gifts hidden inside me. Teach me that there is a way around each obstacle, that I can surmount each barrier in my path.

Shield me, God, from stares and cruelty. Most of all, protect me from pity.

I don’t want people’s pity. I want their companionship, their respect, their love.

When I grow weary, God, renew my spirit. When I am frightened, teach me faith.

When I despair, fill me with hope.

When I get frustrated, be my comfort. Remind me to treasure all the miracles that I often ignore.

Bless me, God, with life and strength and joy. Amen.