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A Healer’s Prayer For Physicians and for all Healers

Prayers reprinted from Talking to God by Rabbi Naomi Levy

Open my eyes, God; let no symptom of illness elude me.

Steady my hands, God; shield me from fear, anxiety, and impatience.

Teach me to breathe deeply, to find peace, calm, and clarity in even the most stressful situations.

Open my heart, God; remind me that my compassion is as essential as my precision.

Open my mind, God; shelter me from distraction, bless me with insight, curiosity, and the humility to ask for help.

Open my arms, God; remind me that even when I have no cure to offer, precious healing resides in the touch of my hands.

Open my mouth, God; place wisdom on my tongue, bless me with words that are clear and kind, honest and encouraging.

Open my ears, God; teach me to listen with my entire being.
When I am overwhelmed and exhausted, when I feel as if I have no more to give, be my strength, God, renew my spirit, revive my soul.

I am humbled by the miracles that unfold before me each day: miracles of nature, miracles of medicine, miracles of the human spirit, miracles that lie beyond my comprehension.

I thank You, God, for entrusting me with this sacred calling. Amen.