Today is April 13, 2021 -

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Passover 2021

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Click here for the Pesach Guide for 5781

This year, we will be selling our hametz through Rabbi Mordy Schwartz and the Rabbinical Assembly. 

To sell your hametz, please fill out this form:

This form will be available until 8:00 AM ET on Friday, March 26. 

Free digital edition of the Haggadah: Click here!

Digital edition of the Cantor’s Assembly Abayudaya Haggadah: Click here!

Haggadah Supplement from Masorti Israel: Click here!

Tibi’s Passover Cooking Videos

Passover Cream Puffs
Chocolate Pastry Cream
Sephardic Charoset
Eggs for Passover
Passover Bourikas

Passover Services

Thursday, March 25
Thursday morning minyan followed by Fast of the Firstborn Siyyum 

Sunday, March 28 
First Day of Passover Festival Services 
Rabbi Michael Friedman from Temple Israel will join us 
Local Live

Monday, March 29
Second Day of Passover Festival Services 
Local Live

Tuesday, March 30 through Friday, April 2 
Hol HaMoed Passover Morning Services 

Saturday, April 3
Shabbat and Seventh Day of Passover Festival Services 
Local Live

Yizkor candle should be lit from a pre-existing flame on Saturday night after 7:55PM.

Sunday, April 4
Eighth Day of Passover Festival Services- Yizkor will be recited
Local Live